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April 27, 2012

That should say 2011 not 2012. Sorry for the typo.
Where’s my glasses?


As someone who has been beating a very loud the drum for a college football playoff since even before I came around these parts more than three years ago, today is a red-letter day.  Something, to be perfectly honest, I never thought I’d see without some type of intervention from the federal government.

In essence, the leaders in college football Thursday formally endorsed a four-team playoff.  And officially placed the Bowl Championship Series on life support, with plans to pull the plug beginning with the 2014 season.

Automatic qualifiers?  Dead, although it’s still to be determined whether that’s good or bad for those outside the power conferences.  A plus-one, in which a title game is held after all of the bowl games have been played?  Dead as well, meaning there will be a true playoff in college football, bringing it in line with every other major sport in the…

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  1. BAMASUCKS permalink

    You must have forgotten the JP Wilson and Brodie Croyle days…Nerd!
    2004 Rose Bowl Victory over Michigan
    2005 Rose Bowl/NTG victory over USC
    2009 Fiesta Bowl victory over Ohio St.
    2010 Loss to Alabama in NTG

    9 straight 10 win seasons!

    • 15 National Championships
      27 Conference Championships (4 Southern Conference and 23 SEC)
      31 10 win seasons
      10 Undefeated seasons
      60 Bowl appearances

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